Too Good

Disclaimer: I’m looking for a car, and I wrote this poem before checking out the dealership on Yelp. Turns out the place is a scam. I’m not entirely surprised, but it’s still defeating none the less.

However, I know that just because this place was a scam doesn’t mean I won’t have good luck at some point. I think the message behind this poem still holds true.

Maybe those of you from New York City will understand, or at the very least point me in the right direction. I’m currently very tired of driving my ’99 Camry.

Too Good

Anything that sounds too
good to be true typically is
in New York,

but the city still helps those
who need it if, and only if,
they know where to look.

Those $1000 apartments
and cars under $10k are out there;
it’s not just about who you know,

even though most things
are hard to buy, like
the apartment with the view

or the BMW, and yes, the sunroof too.
The city will reward you,
as long as you try.



If you’re interested in submitting your own poem for National Poetry Month, please see my submission guidelines. Also be sure to check out my friend’s poem I recently published in the Submitted Works section of my website.

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  1. Did you try Craig’s list? You may find a used car there. Good luck! And yes, everything is expensive in NYC and surrounding counties, but there are some bargains if you know where to look.

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    1. I look every once in a while. It’s very hit or miss because you never really know what people are doing to their cars before they sell them. If I’m going to buy used, I want to go through a dealer or, at least, through someone I know personally.

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      1. True, and even some dealers may not be trustworthy. Hope it works out!

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