I saw somewhere on Twitter that May is National Short Story Month. The fact that there are multiple holidays for every single day and month of the year is starting to make them all more and more meaningless, but this is another one I can definitely get behind.

Besides, after all that poetry, I’m ready to dive back into fiction and flash fiction a little bit more. In order to do that, I’m going to start with some small, strict word counts. I encourage you all to do the same. If you like how they come out, submit them! If they’re short enough to fit into one comment, leave a comment!

If you haven’t seen the May Reading List yet, check it out for some more inspiration. I have two books dedicated to short stories that I think are extremely helpful for aspiring writers.


It took long enough for spring to arrive. There’s always the tease — you know it: the one that makes you want to take your spring clothes out early, where you walk outside without a jacket even though its forty degrees out because yesterday was seventy — before real spring arrives.

When it did come, everyone and their sister were outside. How could you enjoy the warm air when life still goes on as if it were winter? The trucks flew down Union, the horns blared, there were people everywhere, and the more you started and stopped because people were in your way, the sweatier you got.

All winter, you talked about how you couldn’t wait for spring and when it came, you said you can’t wait for winter. It goes to show that people are never truly, fully satisfied with anything. Everyone will always find something to complain about. Besides, living in New York guarantees you nothing. It was nice out then, but the next week could snow — a cold front moving in from Canada.

But you know what? It was fine. We lived. We will continue to move forward, whatever the weather is and was and will be.



If you’re interested in submitting your own work, please see my submission guidelines for more details. I’m more interested in flash fiction this month than poetry, but send me whatever you have!

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