No Loss

It’s funny how quickly my writing intentions change with this blog. I say I want to focus on fiction, but instead, I have a poem for you guys. Ideas for short stories weren’t coming to me, and I didn’t want to force it because that’s an almost guaranteed way to write a bad story.

The goal was to simply write something fast, and what came to mind was a poem. I’m really enjoying the nice weather — yesterday being an exception. It was 90 degrees in New York. Way. Too. Soon. Today, though, is perfect.

I also didn’t want to just write something about the weather. I’m still trying to find a little bit of meaning in everything I see. I don’t want to simply write for the sake of writing anymore. If I’m going to write, there has to be a point.

No Loss

I took out my
pen and paper–

to write

but instead,
I decided to stare
out the window,
at the sun

barely peaking through
the cool grey clouds,

the air will warm
up my mind.



Just because I wrote a poem today doesn’t mean I’m no longer looking for flash fiction. It also doesn’t mean I won’t accept poetry either. If you’re interested in what I’m looking for specifically, see my submission guidelines for more details.

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  1. Loved the poem 👋💙

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  2. kenza says:

    What a lovely photo to accompany your words! Kenza.

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    1. Thanks! I wish it was actually mine!

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