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Bit of unrelated news regarding myself: I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. Thankfully I’m one of the rare few that aren’t affected by the procedure so I’m not in any significant amount of pain and I don’t have to risk developing an opioid addiction from the 18 pills they gave me.

That’s a lot, right? Especially since I live on Long Island where opioid addictions and overdoses are extremely common place. Last month was especially bad for my town: Multiple people I know and went to high school with OD’d, so it’s been on everyone’s minds recently.

Even though I feel good, I still have to be careful and not do much. Thankfully, I ordered some new writing notebooks a little while ago, and they finally got to me on Friday so I have plenty to keep myself busy.

These are Clairefontaine Essential Notebooks, and they’re absolutely amazing to write with — for all kinds of pens, but especially for fountain pens:

They’re french, the pages are insanely smooth, my Lamy Safari Fountain Pen doesn’t bleed through the pages, and everything I write comes out amazing. One of my biggest pet peeves with writing is when the ink goes through the back of the page.

Before I got my fountain pen, I exclusively used gel pens and typical college-ruled notebooks with thin paper. Being a writer, the last thing I wanted was to waste pages because the back side was filled with dots and lines from what I just wrote.

I would never use these notebooks for school though. As you can see, they’re expensive, so they should be treated as a writing journal exclusively.

Anyway, instead of simply writing out the poem I have for you today, I’m going to give you all a picture of the poem in my new notebook. It’s hard to tell how smooth the pages are from the picture, but hopefully you can see that the ink absorbs so well into it!

First Page

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  1. ellie894 says:

    What a great post. I’ve never written with a fountain pen, tempted to look into it. My dad always used one. I’m a pushover for anything great to write in. Enjoy your new notebooks. Glad your wisdom teeth are going well. Last but not least, loved the way you photographed your poem. Well done 😊

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    1. Thank you! You should definitely get one. There are some very basic ones like the one I bought that tons of other people consider a great entry-level fountain pen; they’re not all super expensive. Plus, being able to choose whatever color ink you want is great! Thank you also for the kind words about my wisdom teeth!

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