Guest Post – Rant

I have a guest post for you all today from someone who has previously submitted to Come and Go Literary. His name is Anthony Gorman, goes by Grumpy Gorman, and you can find his poetry on his blog Hands in the Garden: Short Poems for Short Attention Spans.

Gorman’s work always makes me wonder how anyone with so few words could evoke such powerful meaning in his or her work. I’m always extremely excited to read whatever he sends my way, and I hope you are too. Please go check out his work.


Warning: the sun is death
roads are death too
don’t sip that water
more war-pawns dead
the air is sick
don’t open doors to strangers
humans are unkind
help me, please? please?
your shopping cart’s a weapon
teen beaten and stuffed in locker
welcome the end
don’t touch down there
we’re out of touch
buy this now.
staple your eyes
shirk feeling
don’t drive drunk
cars and beer on sale
plod to work on-time
lock doors, turn out lights
sleep, don’t dream
believe in all things
and nothing.

© Anthony Gorman 2018

Anthony Gorman is primarily a writer of self-deprecating, introspective micropoetry while casting a wide net on topics ranging from mental health and addictions to relationship storms and the humbling and soul-testing experiences of being human. Much of his writing draws from 20 years of social work experience, engaged mostly with marginalized street living, formerly incarcerated individuals along with his own struggles, and living with bi-polar disorder. His words are uncomfortable, yet often relatable.



If you’re interested in submitting your own work as a guest post or for the winter issue of Come and Go Literary, see my submission guidelines for more details and specific instructions. There are no limits on genres and no limits on themes — although I love anything to do with social justice and political activism.


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  1. ELLE says:

    I love GrumpyGorman! Glad to see you’ve connected. Awesome article–and poetry!

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    1. Grumpy’s the 🐐

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