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Is anyone else extremely shocked about Anthony Bourdain passing away? Is anyone else shocked, but not shocked at the same time? I’m, for the first time, really taken aback by the passing of a celebrity.

I knew he was troubled — we all knew. But who really would have thought that such a down-to-earth guy, so aware of the world, was capable of doing that? Then again, we aren’t obligated to know. He lived his life the way he wanted to. He never made excuses.

I always appreciated him for that. I loved how he could see the world so clearly; it didn’t matter where he was traveling to. If something was on his mind, he let people know.

He, in a culture so afraid of offending others, was capable of putting people (read: The Food Network) in their place whenever necessary. I hope wherever he is, if he believed he’d end up somewhere, is exactly where he hoped he’d wind up.

A New Yorker

Everything a New Yorker should be:
no bullshit, no worries, no sense
of slowing down, no time to slow down.

Slow down and watch life in New York
pass by in a New York minute.

(The only way, as it turns out, to talk
about New York, is to talk in clichés,
hoping for better days,
knowing damn well it has to be earned.)

He, like everyone else, let New York
chew him up, spit him out, and leave him
for the rats when they’re tired
of everyone else’s trash.

To many, he was trash; stuck up
conceited, an egomaniac:
other requirements for a New Yorker,
but these traits come with time,
and money–

you’ll need lots of money to make it;
New York is not for those who think
they can do the minimum, who think
I can be like everyone else.

He had to stand out; he had to
make a name for himself; he had to
grind and earn his bones,
in a city known to take no prisoners,
dissolving them in Times Square’s lights;
and he did.

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  1. Ariana Allen says:

    I honestly wasn’t shocked. One of my favorite singers, Jonghyun, committed suicide back in December. When I dug deeper into his latest album and read fellow fan’s comments I realized he was having ongoing issues. It’s evident as well that the psychiatrist he was seeing at the time essentially shamed him for his mental illness. His death hit me even harder after they released his final music video which was so upbeat and happy, full of color, of life. His smiles were heartbreaking. People have the tendency to assume that celebrities have no troubles, worries, or fears and they couldn’t be further from the truth.

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    1. People love to forget that famous people are more than just figures on their screen and assume that because they’re famous they can’t have any problems because they have the world at their fingertips. That has to change.


  2. tara caribou says:

    I didn’t even know until I read your post! I really appreciated him and I for one am sad to see this. Generally I am unaffected by celebrity goings-on as I don’t keep up with those things (I had to ask someone the other day who/what was up with “Kardashian” because I’m clueless and could honestly care less.) But Anthony’s stuff touched me. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. I’m the same way when it comes to celebrities. Bourdain was a troubled guy, but he never sugarcoated anything, unless we’re speaking literally. I always appreciated that—always will.

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  3. I’m extremely shocked to hear this. Though he has a problem before with cocaine addiction after getting into the food and travel business he was a changed person. He was so passionate about his work and making new friends in culture and exploring them.
    It’s just a hard truth to gulp down that mental illness can takedown such a positive person.

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    1. Mental health is no joke. I hope people start realizing that more and more.

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      1. Yes exactly..its not a mood or a lifestyle its disease and people should be aware about it,

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