Pulled Away

I’m going crabbing tomorrow so I wanted to write a little poem about what it must be like for the crabs to be ripped from their homes. They’ll know the ocean their whole life and then we’ll come, hungry, and take them away.

If all goes well tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe I’ll have other thoughts on crabbing. Or I’ll write up a story about the ocean. I love the idea of taking something from one world and placing it in another.

Pulled Away

Taken from my world,
a place I thought massive,
endless, unwieldy, where
only a master can thrive
where the weak don’t survive–
and here I am, being pulled
away from all I know,
no telling where I’ll go.

I’ve seen it happen,
people told me I was crazy,
that they were crazy–
the ones who disappeared;
they called it a sickness,
that they wanted to breach
the surface into the unknown.

Only I’ll know what’s beyond,
I can see the other side
through the ripples, and
if I survive,
they’ll either see me as God
or as another preacher
who they’ll feed to the sharks.



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