ICE has been coming up in the news a lot recently and everything that comes out keeps getting worse and worse. It’s really sickening that we as a country are so capable of offering such little empathy to those who seek our help but happen to be born with different colored skin.

I spent my morning reading these tweets from a reporter breaking down what actually happens in an ICE detention center, and how children are purposefully being separated from their mothers to dissuade Hispanic people from seeking asylum–a legal thing to do backed by the Supreme Court in the 1800s.

I want to throw up from anger, and I hope you do too. We need writers and reporters now more than ever to call out the fascists who justify this behavior; we need to encourage those who think their voices won’t be heard to speak for those who can’t; we need to abolish ICE now before this administration moves on to the next scapegoat.

On this 4th of July, I’m not proud to be an American. You should read all these first-hand accounts of mother’s and children being separated, threatened, abused, and treated like animals and ask yourself if you’re proud to live in a country that encourages these atrocities and your silence in the name of patriotism.

Here are my thoughts:


It’s time to stop the silent minority
from destroying this country,
a supposedly pro-life country

(built on a foundation of family
values and religion, where separation
is a proud, unspoken tradition),

a God-fearing nation barely held
together by those who blind and
silence the ones with the real power
to make a difference,

who can change the status quo,
who wish nothing more than to see
all men and women treated equally.


We need submissions that aren’t afraid to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. If you have something that speaks to many, that can speak for many, see my submission guidelines for more details. Right now I’m looking for fiction and flash fiction, but send me whatever you have.


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