Branding Issue

If you’ve ever seen my personal Twitter account, you know I’m a left-leaning voter. You might? also know I voted for Bernie this past election. You would definitely know how much I hate Trump. I’m at a point right now where I’m tired of seeing how big of a role corporations play in our country.

They take over our elected officials knowing as soon as they’re voted in, they’re typically in for life, and if enough money is thrown their way, they’ll do anything for more. I want to vote for people who actually have our interests in mind.

I don’t see Republicans offering the country anyone who fits that criteria. I think they’ve sold themselves out. But don’t get me wrong: I would vote for anyone who can actually follow through with what I’m asking for. If they’re a Republican, so be it.

I–and a ton of other people–are tired of waiting around, and tired of the Democrat establishment’s inability to spark any momentum in the party. They’re unable, or unwilling, to aggressively call out the Republican hypocrisy that’s been deteriorating our democracy since Clinton.

Grassroots campaigns by democratic socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are apparently working. She was able to defeat a lifelong Democrat paying more attention to Pelosi’s position than the district he claimed to represent. Anyone truly paying attention at this point shouldn’t be surprised Hillary blew the election.

Anyway, enough rambling. I promise at some point I’ll get back to simpler stories; however, these aren’t simpler times where we have the freedom to sit around and expect the world to change for us. We have a job to do and that’s to defend our country from the inside out.

Branding Issue

When I think of democratic socialism,
I think of democracy in it’s purest form,
a country finally governed by the envisioned
politics of our founding fathers–

not the dictatorial states who’ve failed
to make any progress, believing
that fear alone is enough
to get people to fall in line,
never quite understanding
how easy it is to resist
knowing the second that ruler’s ego takes over
their thoughts and policies, they’ve lost
all hope of ever maintaining power
they thought they created
or harnassed themselves, not knowing
power, like matter, cannot be created
nor destroyed

–who envisioned a country run by
a healthy people who work hard,
receive healthcare, go to school for free,
retire with security, and know exactly
where their taxes are going,
a concept anyone can get behind.


If you have a solution or an alternative perspective on what’s going wrong in our country, submit it in the form of a poem, flash fiction story, creative nonfiction essay, play, or any other genre I’m missing. See my submission guidelines for more details.

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  1. Anna says:

    I am going to work on a submission, but I also want to say a few words about this post. I agree with most of the issues brought up. One way our system shows how badly it has been broken is the Electoral College. Hillary won the popular vote. How we got stuck with Trump is through this long standing establishment that has no relevance in today’s society. Also, I am not sure if we are the only country with freedom of the press, but I do know that it is rare. This is a powerful tool (although you do have to pay attention to where the information is coming from.) Also, people are speaking out; people are marching; the Women’s marches, LGBTQ+ marches, the children from Florida forming a nation wide walk-out, Chicago – blocking the entire interstate…I agree that our country is losing focus with so many corporations in control. Sometimes I feel helpless (especially being one who is “legally disabled” because of mental illness and dependent on Social Security for my income and insurance.) But, I have found my ways: voting, writing to my representatives, even this comment on your blog…. My point: we can’t just sit on our asses and wait for change. No matter what you believe or who you feel is worthy of being this country’s leadership, we can’t let the large corporations and the people who are cursed with having assets in billions of dollars to run our country.

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    1. We’re at a point in our lives where if we don’t do something, those in power will continue to do as they please assuming — correctly — that not enough people care to make a difference. I look forward to reading your submission!

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