How You Lose One

I’ve been reading Catch-22 for a while now and I’m really loving the book. It’s hard to read it and not laugh, and then feel bad about laughing because this book is critiquing serious issues our country was facing.

What makes the pain even worse is that all of this is so relevant today. It goes beyond our war efforts in Afghanistan. Our president is incapable of defeat, of admitting he was played by someone smarter than him, of admitting a woman was more qualified than he. Instead of admitting defeat, he’ll change the rules to make himself come out on top.

There’s a lot to learn in this book and I don’t want to rant anymore. I’m sorry my poetry has become more politically motivated. This is what currently motivates me to write; I have to let it run its course. I feel I have a responsibility to call out the bullshit when I see it–we all have to.

How You Lose One

“It’s not about how you win a war;
it’s about how you lose one,”

a phrase that still holds true,
a phrase that we’re unaware of
in Joseph Heller’s Catch 22,

where insanity is the norm,
where the sane are declared insane,

and perfectly showcases
the effects of abusing a system
and thinking the sane will remain

silent unless spoken to, blindly
obeying their superior’s orders

until their last dying breath
with only one mission left to go.



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