I wrote this quickly while looking out my window. The weather has been so terrible lately. From my window, I can see the rain coming close before it actually gets here, which is such an interesting phenomenon because there’s barely anything you can do about it.

You have to just ride it out and hope you’re not caught in it. It also brought back a memory of something similar, where I was caught in a huge downpour after a baseball game.

We all watched the rain coming right towards us, and we ran as fast as we could across the field and to the parking lot. That’s where this poem comes from, and perhaps, it’s a metaphor for plenty of other helpless points in our lives.


The storm is moving in
while the sky at the other end,
where we’re standing,
is still bright.

However, the wind’s picking
up and bringing the danger
closer to our paradise,
and all we can do is run.

Just because it’s coming
doesn’t mean we give up–
especially when we have tools
at our disposal,

and the ability to rebuild
as if nothing ever happened,
but then we’d be open
to history repeating itself.


If you’re interested in submitting your own poetry to Come and Go Literary, see my submission guidelines for more details. I’m always eager to post guest posts, so don’t hesitate to reach out. There are no deadlines, no fees, and no limits on genres.

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  1. elgwyn says:

    Reblogged this on Chuck's Creativity and commented:
    Mediocre at best–don’t say it if you’ve heard it before!


    1. What’s mediocre?


      1. elgwyn says:

        I’m sorry–I was popping off, your okay!!!


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