Through Mattituck

I went on a trip out east yesterday, and I got to see all the little towns and farms on Long Island that everyone always dreams of living in. It was surreal how small and nice the town of Mattituck was. Everything is perfect out there, minus the fact that there are very few food options that are both good and affordable.

Then again, what’s affordable to me and what’s affordable to the people who live there is much different. It’s a little sad to think about how much it would cost to live there, but I can just think of how much their taxes are and cheer myself up.

Regardless, if I had all the money in the world, I’d move there in an instant. I want this poem to highlight how great it must be to live there and show you that what you see in your head when you picture Long Island isn’t far off. However, not all of us have forgotten our blue-collar roots, and this dream will never be attainable to the majority of us who live on Long Island.

Through Mattituck

I’m walking through Main Street
Mattituck, a tiny Long Island
town on the North Fork surrounded
by water on both sides,

like a movie set
with kids running between
stores and restaurants,
neighbors yelling to each other
from across the street lined
with perfectly parked cars
and no meters or cops around,

and I’m thinking
I’d love to live here,
and how I’d love to buy
a boat and fish the rest
of my life — and some land
to farm and avoid
the overpriced supermarkets,

but before I know it,
after five minutes,
maybe, I’m looking at 25
(the only road in and out)
and it’s all over.



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  1. There really is nothing like going out of your home area and going into a new place.

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    1. Especially when it’s only an hour away and on the same island you live on

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. I’ve always loved traveling to new places.

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