The Panic

Last post, I was complaining about White Noise by Don Delillo, but I managed to finish it last night and now I’m onto The Panic in Needle Park by James Mills. I had no idea this was a book until I saw an article on Lit Hub mentioning it, and I knew I needed it instantly.

I realized quickly after that it was really expensive on Amazon and there was no way I would ever buy it; however, my girlfriend understands how libraries work and managed to find the only copy in Nassau County for me, so now I’m ready to immerse myself in old-school New York City.

Right off the bat, I was brought right back to the movie, watching Al Pacino navigate through the Upper West Side in an effort to continuously feed his addiction. This subject, as I’ve mentioned before, hits close to home because many people in my hometown have overdosed on heroin recently. It’s a huge epidemic on Long Island and it’s not getting better.

I ultimately decided to do an erasure poem because the descriptions in this book are very vivid and poetic. I didn’t want to reinterpret the words into my own thoughts. Instead, I used what I had in front of me to find a deeper, alternate meaning. I hope you enjoy.

The Panic




If you’d like to submit your own collection of erasure poetry or work of any other genre, see my submission guidelines for more details.

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  1. That’s really neat… I’ve never created or even heard of an erasure poem before. This one was quite good. I’m inspired to give it a try.

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    1. Now you know! I’m glad I inspired you 🙂

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