Guest Post: Haikus by Benedette Palazzola

I haven’t had one of these in a while so I’m really glad to let you all know that this is a really powerful guest post by an extremely talented writer, Benedette Palazzola. These three haikus are meant to be read as a single unit, covering social justice and animal welfare.

Animal rights and welfare are extremely important to me. I grew up loving all kinds of animals. I never had many pets because of my living situation, but I’d always have Animal Planet on, looking for deer in Upstate, New York when I was on vacation, and taking out animal guidebooks from the school library.

I hope you find these haiku as amazing as I did when I first read them. I don’t think I’ve ever posted any haiku before on the blog so this is a big moment for Come and Go Literary! I’m glad we can possibly start a new trend so strongly.

Haikus by Benedette Palazzola

at this sharp point in
time, i’ll run my mouth, i’ll speak.
here’s my bill of rights.


no break for the snake
no hope for the antelope
no wish for the fish
a sentimental
education, required but
not provided. hell


Benedette Palazzola has published previously in Hanging Loose, POEM, and Jewish Literary Journal. She will be published in Bonsai in the fall. She is a retired librarian who divides her time between writing, quilting, and singing.



If you’re interested in submitting your own poetry and haikus to Come and Go Literary, see my submission guidelines for more details.

As a heads up, I’m no longer looking at poetry for the 2018 Winter Issue, but that doesn’t mean I won’t publish your work as a guest post! There are no deadlines, no limits on genre, and no fees to submit as a guest post, so there are no excuses not to submit your work at all!

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