Don’t Forget

New Yorkers are going to the polls again tomorrow for another Democratic primary. This time, it’s for governor. I’m honestly torn between Nixon and Cuomo. I don’t really trust anyone with the last name Nixon, but that’s childish and I have no direct connection to Richard. I also don’t like the idea of inexperienced actors thinking they can be effective.

At the same time, writing someone off like that is ignorant because those who are experienced continue to do nothing except watch our country crumble from the inside out. After Trump won, I vowed to never vote for a candidate that isn’t experienced. However, I look at Cuomo, a career politician with neoliberal policies, and Congress, a group of career criminals too powerful for their own good, and I find it extremely hard to figure out what’s worse.

All I know is that I’m voting tomorrow. Not voting is exactly what Republicans — and Russia — wants. Regardless of the bullshit Republicans love to pull, we can waste all their efforts by actively participating, waiting on the lines regardless of how long they get, and refusing to leave until we cast our ballots. If we don’t vote, we’re complicit in the destruction of our country.

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to vote,
even if you’re an edgy
eighteen-year-old in college
listening to Joe Rogan podcasts
while stuck in traffic,
on the bus or train,
or circling the school
parking lots for open spots.

If you don’t vote because
you feel the system is rigged,
I have news for you:
you’re the problem;
you’re the opposition’s solution;
you’re just as complicit
as those who vote to take
away our freedoms.

The best way to participate
in our democracy,
to defend our Constitution
is to not forget to vote,
to help those see the light
despite the setbacks
political hacks put in place,
fearful they’ll lose
their place in Congress,
which is all they care about.



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