Through the Wind

I’m still working on getting back into the fiction groove, so I have a poem I wrote over the summer for you all while I continue to read and grind away. I finished Kafka’s collection of short stories today, and I felt there wasn’t much I could take away from him that hasn’t already been done.

There’s a mysteriousness to his work that requires you to read it again and again and again, and with each reading, you learn more and more. I was more focused on getting through the book so I didn’t pay as close attention as I should have. But what I do want to focus more on is getting the reader to want to reread my work and find something new.

This requires me figuring out how to add depth to my stories and poems wherever possible. It also requires a story to be powerful on the first read, otherwise why go out of your way to read it again? If you feel this poem has that depth, or it’s lacking something more, don’t hesitate to tell me. I appreciate any and all feedback and criticism provided it’s respectful.

Through the Wind

What if the trees, grasses, and flowers
communicated through the wind,
blowing simple words back and forth,
catching the light, in the morning
and just before night?

What if they cry when picked
by tiny or rough hands on farms,
their homes, with friends and family
looking on in horror at the atrocities,
unable to express themselves,
save themselves?

What if they blame us for losing
our connection to nature and
what it means to take and not give,
and they let it happen knowing
if they go, so do we?



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