If She Was Your Daughter

I was debating whether or not to make this a political story, but these past few days have made me realize that these kinds of scenarios are being politicized whether we want them to or not. The Kavanaugh hearings were not the first time Republicans have turned a man into a victim while ignoring the actual victim, but this was the first time where people from all generations realized that something was wrong.

My goal was for this to be a poem, but I didn’t want to hold back or limit my words. I’m a prose writer by nature. I don’t know if I want to call this prose or a prose poem. I’d like to say this is fiction, but I’m sure there are a million other stories just like this.

Lindsey Graham’s massive temper tantrum and complete lack of empathy for the sexual assault victim that stopped him in the hallway during a recess to tell him she was a victim as well makes me wonder if he would be able to look his hypothetical daughter in the eyes and explain why her safety comes second to the good of the Conservative party.

Normally, I hope you’ll enjoy this, but in this case, I hope you don’t. I hope it’s too much. I hope you feel something after, and I hope that feeling is anger. If you want this to end, you have to call your senators and remind them November is coming, and we’re all waiting.

If She Was Your Daughter

If your daughter was one of the unlucky, brought into this world not by choice — even if you mean well for her, even if she’s going to school, and all you wanted to do was take her to the local park so both of you could get a break before starting in on homework  — and is taken against her will, stuffed into a van while you’re looking down or talking to one of the neighbors, mouth covered so you never hear her scream, how would you react?

She’s only ten years old, but she knows enough to know her life is over — literally; she’s sat on the couch with you multiple times as you binge-watched SVU for who knows how long; she’s aware of death and maybe she’s thought about it before; she’s thinking over everything you’ve told her about not making herself a target; she’s also heard you talk to your wife — her mother — about voting conservative; she’s heard you rant about Hillary, but she chooses her mouth shut, knowing one comment in her favor is enough to set you off, that there’s never a real conversation; she’s wondering why you never told her what to do when, in fact, she’s actually abducted.

What would you tell her to do if she’s the one tied up in the van, in the back, taking it from the back, fighting the pain and suffering and shame, clenching her teeth so hard they, like the rest of her, crumble into a million pieces? What would your first question be — if she makes it out alive, if she defies the odds, meaning she’s not dumped on the side of the road with a bullet in her back, or left for dead in the middle of the woods or trafficked to other cities all around the country: Are you okay? or, What were you wearing? 



This is the last call for submissions for the Winter Issue of Come and Go Literary. If you have a poem or story you’d like to share that inspires change or calls things out for what they are, see my submission guidelines for more details. Deadline is 9/30.

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  1. Brian says:

    As a person who grew up in private schools, military academy, and graduated from an Ivy league college, and having spent time on the inside of politics (my long-time girlfriend was a prominent lobbyist, and one of my classmates/friends ran a Republican candidate’s Presidential campaign), it seems highly probable Kavanaugh was an active participant in nefarious activities, if not the leader. It’s all hearsay and conjecture. Personally, I believe how we carried himself through the process and the factual, common knowledge of his character flaws does disqualify him. Conservatives should’ve paid closer attention to former Justice Stevens and what he had to say.

    That said, I’m a moderate and abhor extremism, which is what I witnessed from both parties. Based on what I learned in law school, there simply wasn’t enough evidence. Did Kavanaugh do the things she accused him of doing? I think so, but even if it were a popular opinion, it’s not objective. Sadly, many of the scenarios described were things I witnessed and often looked away. As I reflect on those years, there are many times I feel shame and regret.

    That said, as the father of an eight-year-old daughter, I’m appalled by how conservatives speak about Dr. Ford, and even more broadly of the #metoo movement. It shows a lack of class and ignorance. Both of my sisters were assaulted and never told anyone until they were much older. There are many logical reasons as to why this occurs. We should take all of these events as an opportunity to learn and educate our children and the masses.

    It’s humorous to read the first commenter’s comments as he tells you to have more objectivity in your worldviews, but oblivious how narrow-minded it is to regurgitate partisan phrases like “saliva-dripping wolves”. What I learned during my immersion into national and global politics is there is little difference between elephants and asses. It’s run more like an entertainment business. Most of the advisors and subject-matter experts on all TV networks that discuss politics are either 1) paid and coached as actors or 2) people being coached and building a persona in order to become #1 (paid). It’s truly a circus of entertainers.

    Sorry for such a long comment, really got me thinking!

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    1. With a little more time to think on the whole situation, I find myself agreeing with you. If there’s no evidence, then hearsay alone is, of course, not enough. However, the moment he mentioned the Clintons, I knew he would be a partisan judge out for revenge on how he was treated during the process.

      The especially sad thing about all this is the fact that the FBI investigation was so limited on what they could actually investigate. We’ll never know if there was circumstantial evidence against Kavanaugh because of everything was stacked against the FBI.

      I also find it ironic when the die-hard Conservatives call out Democrats for not being more objective. They like to pick and choose when objectivity is appropriate, and it’s usually appropriate when and wherever it fits their argument best.

      For that I blame the media. More and more people are paying attention to politics, but not enough people have been paying attention long enough to understand why certain incorrect talking points are constantly repeated regardless of how true or false they are. The media knows this and instigates it on both sides, i.e. USA Today publishing Trump’s op-ed bashing Democrats using completely false talking points he most likely picked up from watching Hannity.

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      1. Brian says:

        Most U.S. active voters are so beholden to their party dogma they can’t be objective. The reality is that it doesn’t matter if Kavanaugh was guilty or not. From a political strategy POV, another seat in SCOTUS was worth whatever political sacrifices that need to be made by either side. It’s about power and control, not morality. Politics is a business traded on power and influence. Most of the things that went on were part of the show for the people. The only way that Kavanaugh wasn’t going to be confirmed was to find clear evidence that he assaulted any woman.

        I worked for the FBI briefly in the 90s but wasn’t in a policy role. I believe they really didn’t have anything and I don’t buy that they were limited to the extent they couldn’t dig something up if it was there. The FBI is not a fan of the Trump administration. If they had a clear chance to strike, I believe they would have done so.

        If people want real change, they need to vote. It’s the only true weapon versus politicians and political systems.

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  2. I don’t agree with you one jot. It’s the Democrats who abused Dr Ford. She came across as a person who had been set up and used by the group of saliva-dripping wolves. The Democrats said at the beginning that they would destroy Kavanaugh and that’s what they’re doing. Try and get a bit of objectivity in your world view and you’ll start to see the reality. Graham’s speech was one of the most brilliant exposes of corruption I’ve ever heard.


    1. They definitely used her by waiting until the last second—there’s no denying that; however, if what she claims is true, and many people on both sides see her as credible enough of a witness to warrant an FBI investigation, their goal of destroying Kavanaugh’s chances of being appointed would be justified. If he didn’t do it, then it will rightly make the Democrats look terrible. My point though is that this alleged behavior is being overlooked for the sake of the Republican party and it is not a new trend by any means.

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