Guest Post: Poet At Work

It’s been a while since I’ve had a guest post, so I’m extra excited to have one for you today. The purpose of Come and Go Literary is to highlight works of social justice and political activism, but there’s more room for other themes in the blog.

This poem focuses on the art of writing, the difficulty, the space between our thoughts and the page. Sometimes it’s frustrating and words only come out one at a time; other times, it’s simply images that seem to have a higher purpose, but perhaps they’re better left as is.

Poet At Work

By Gerard Sarnat

replacing chair
— kaput
under humongous

sea overlooked,
near crystal clear
seeing through

all of life,
become quiet
yearnings mostly.

Gerard Sarnat is a physician who’s built/staffed homeless clinics, a Stanford professor/healthcare CEO who’s been married since 1969 with three kids plus four grandkids and more on the way. Gerard Sarnat’s been nominated for Pushcarts plus Best of the Net Awards and is widely published including by Oberlin, Brown, Columbia, Virginia Commonwealth, Johns Hopkins and in Gargoyle, Main Street Rag, New Delta Review, MiPOesias, Blue Mountain Review, Brooklyn Review, and LA Review. KADDISH FOR COUNTRY was selected for pamphlet distribution on Inauguration Day nationwide. “Amber Of Memory” was the single poem chosen for his 50th Harvard reunion Dylan symposium. Collections: Homeless Chronicles (2010), Disputes (2012), 17s (2014), and Melting the Ice King (2016).


If you wish to submit your own work to Come and Go Literary, please see my submission guidelines for more details. There are no fees, no deadlines, and no limits on genre for guest posts, meaning there’s no reason not to submit today.


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