The election is almost here, and I’m not sure whether or not to be nervous or excited. I’m a little bit of both, but leaning more towards nervous. It’s hard to be excited when Trump is president. I’m really hoping enough people turn out to make the GOP voting restriction efforts useless, but that’s going to require a ton of people to actually get out.

That’s why I’m writing this. I don’t know if I’ll follow through with it in the near future, but maybe I’ll write poems and stories that focus on the importance of voting? What do you think? Let’s see if I can start this potential voting series strong.


Vote as if your life depends on it
because it does.

Vote as if your neighbor’s life depends on it
because it does.

Vote as if you depend on your neighbor’s life
because you do.

Who will look after to you when no one else does
because the government won’t.

Vote as if they’ll take away your rights to live
because they will if you let them.

Vote as if you weren’t taught to be a cynic
because we have a chance.

Not voting lets them do whatever they want
because they know you don’t care.

Vote as if you’re a millennial with a vengeance,
to give them all a real reason to hate us.



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  1. Nick, don’t give up hope. You gotta check out this YouTube ad:



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    1. Definitely one of the more effective ads put out recently. I can’t trust the polls regardless of how good things look. The only thing that gives me confidence is that people my age and younger are realizing the importance of voting and the impact it will have on our lives. I think we’re all past that edgy, early college/high school stage where voting third party or not voting at all is the cool thing to do.

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