Vote 2/6

I decided that I’m definitely going to continue these next few posts that lead up to the election as a voting series. Now is not the time to forget the importance of voting as Trump continues to distract. He knows his political career is on the line in this election, so he will do and say whatever it takes to ensure he comes out a winner.

Instead of another poem, I’m going to give you a little call-to-action, or a major run-on sentence. Whatever way you want to look at it is fine with me. As long as you get out and vote. However, I’m not entirely sure what to label this as. I suppose it’s nonfiction, but every day Trump is president, I question whether or not there’s even such thing as fiction anymore.

Vote 2/6

We need to show Congress that they work for us, that we’re the ones in charge, that they’re public servants, that they can’t just focus on special interests and lining their pockets with the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars, that they can’t just take away our healthcare and expect us to bend over for them, that they can’t just pass laws that discriminate against minorities who will one day be the majority, that despite their efforts to rig the election in their favor, no effort is great enough when the people become active participants in our government, that the Republican party will never recover from their efforts to support Trump and delegitimize the election by ignoring the blatant attempts of Russia to interfere in our election, and that their silence speaks louder than their words, despite being on the news around the clock, blaming everyone but themselves for the mess they created.



If you wish to submit your own nonfiction, fiction (if you’re still a believer), or poetry as a guest post to Come and Go Literary, see my submission guidelines for more details. If you show me proof that you’re registered to vote, I’ll give you a response within twenty-four hours.

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