Vote 3/6

I have another poem for you all. We’re five days away from the most important election of our lives. I’m reading reports saying early voter turnout for people ages 18-39 is up significantly. The blue wave is real, but we can do better. We can always do better. I hope these poems are making a difference to some of you.

Vote 3/6

More reasons every day
impossible to keep up with,
but unforgotten regardless,
unforgivable and unable to
take back unless we take back
power from the hands
of those who enable
the madness, who play games
with lives, who dehumanize
those without a voice;
more reasons to vote, to give
back to those who help
us grow and diversify,
to those who give us strength–
it’s the least we can do
for those who simply want
to live a better life.



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