Vote 4/6

I haven’t been having a good couple of weeks recently. Bad luck comes in streaks with me. And things usually get worse before they get better, as the cliches suggest. This is about a certain situation I got myself into recently. When I get myself in these situations, I try to find silver linings. Here, I guess there was a small one.

Vote 4/6

I was forced to introduce myself
after an awkward situation.
I had no idea how to admit
I did something wrong, but
I put my faith in the other person
understanding I made a mistake,
an honest mistake, I swear.

I told myself to act neighborly
because I practically was one.
I could’ve run away, but I knew
I would make things worse
if he didn’t hear my side of the story,
and because of that,
it has made all of the difference.

I also learned I had more
in common with the man I wronged:
“If you go back far enough,
we were brothers at some point;
our people are closest genetically
than any other.”

Despite what I’ve heard on the news,
despite what I’ve heard on the street,
we were able to understand each
other, trust each other like family
at a time where anger could’ve won.
We’ve been told to vote with family
in mind, and I will do just that.



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