Vote 6/6

Democrats have taken control of the House and Republicans managed to keep control of the Senate. This is absolutely amazing news. The wave turned out to be real. Trump will be held accountable. The people, who are better represented by the House, got out and voted for people of all different backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations.

Trump has also, not surprisingly, fired Sessions in an effort to destroy/bring to a halt the Russia investigation that he swears is just a witch hunt. It goes without saying that, despite the seriousness of the steps he’s taking, we’re still in an okay position thanks in part to the Democrats winning control of the house. I can’t imagine what it would be like if the Republicans maintained control over both houses.

Here are my thoughts on that, the last of six posts in a series regarding the vote. I hope you enjoyed these and I hope they encouraged some of you to actually get out and vote.

Vote 6/6

Now that you know what
could’ve happened,
aren’t you glad you voted?
If you didn’t get out,
don’t you wish you did?
Maybe the Senate
could’ve been in contention.

Either way,
times are tough, but
slightly less than if nothing
happened to take control
from the Republicans hands.
We now have minor checks
and balances,
which is better than nothing.

We now have a group
of Americans ready
to hold our president
accountable for his actions
past, present, and future.



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