How Far Would It Go?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything (that should be the title of my next book). I’m not sure why I fell off a little either. I’ve been busy, but not any busier than I’m used to. I’ve also been going at a much slower pace through Histories by Herodotus. I knew it would be slow-going, but I didn’t expect it to be like ten-pages-an-hour slow.

The plus is that since you’re forced to pay such close attention to every single detail, you also get the opportunity to find ideas for stories, you get to see the role of power in the ancient world, you get to see the significance of dreams and metaphors in everyday actions of the people and royal families.

One section that jumped out to me involved honesty in business, which felt very relevant to today. However, the potential consequences of one idea for handling dishonest business owners were extreme, and I wanted to know what would happen if it were actually the case today.

How Far Would It Go?

If you’re caught being dishonest
about what you’ve earned,
regardless of how long your business
has been in business for,
you will lose your life–

a Darwinian solution
to those in power, a solution today
would never make it
to the floor of a Congress
bought out by those sentenced
to death (does it end with the owners,
or does the sentence trickle
down to the enablers?)
Could you look your neighbor
in the eye and tell him he has to die
if he made a mistake
on his tax returns?

What if you’re a financial advisor
who woke up on the wrong side of the bed,
with a chip on your shoulder,
or if you’re going to lose a client
to a competitor (if you can’t
have your client, no one can)?



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  1. I feel the same way. It’s crazy man. The joy is there, but the words aren’t coming. I just keep writing my thoughts in my journal. The thrill will return eventually.


    1. It’s not that I’m not thrilled or anything. I think I just haven’t kept up with it like I usually do. I’m more concerned with what I’ve been reading lately because the past couple books haven’t really been all that exciting. I think once I find the right book, I’ll start to get back into a good groove.

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      1. I wish you the best of luck.

        Liked by 1 person

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