The 2018 Winter Issue of Come and Go Literary is Finally Here

The 2018 Winter Issue

Guys. I’ve been saying this past week that the 2018 Winter Issue of Come and Go Literary is coming, and now that it’s finally here, it doesn’t even feel real. I’ve spent so much time on it, proofread it countless times, worked with extremely talented authors since the beginning of summer, and put together what I think is something special.

This is the very first issue of Come and Go Literary that isn’t in the form of blog posts. Everything was designed by me: Cover, fonts, headers, you name it. When you click on the link above, you’ll see the posts alternate like they do in the blog. I wanted to use that style to emulate how important you all are to making the journal what it is today.

Without you all, I never would’ve been able to put this together. I figured, when I first started, that I’d get a couple guest posts here and there and that would be it, but this turned into so much more than I ever expected. So I really mean it when I say thank you all for submitting. Thank you, authors, poets, and essayists, who I had the privilege of publishing in the 2018 Winter Issue of Come and Go Literary.

Please do me and all these authors a favor and like and share this post with everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life. No one deserves it more than them. It would mean the world to all of us. Thank you all for coming and going. Now, please, stay a while.


Submissions, if you haven’t noticed, are open for the 2019 Spring issue of Come and Go Literary. Now that you know what the finished product might look like, why wouldn’t you want to have your work published in the journal?

There are no fees and no limits on genre to submit your work. To do so, please see my submission guidelines for more details. I’m not going to be as lenient on submissions that don’t follow these guidelines this time around — unless you’ve written for the New Yorker. Only then will I allow you to do whatever you please.

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  1. You left it all on the court with this issue, Nick. Beautiful work. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! I had no idea you were a part of this wonderful community! Thank you, Guy, for submitting your work and for all your support time and time again. I look forward to staying in touch.


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