I just had an interesting conversation with someone I never met, and it seemed like we were both trying to figure each other out by assuming the best and worst of one another. We all have different perspectives and concerns based on past experiences that force us to act and treat people a certain way. We can’t be too careful.

The conversation ended up surprising us both in the end. It wasn’t what I expected and I’m sure he feels the same way. I could have a very different opinion if I stopped it sooner, but I tried a little bit harder and it worked out.

I think if we all did that — and this is not to say that what I did makes me perfect or the example of what we should all strive to be; I’ll be the first to admit I’m far from perfect — we would exist in a much happier world. So I wrote a small poem about the idea. I hope you enjoy.


It makes sense why people play
games with each other, testing
what they can get away with,
how far they can push others–

not out of spite–based on past
experiences, traumas, betrayals,
or just for fun because why not?

However, you have to play, or
not play, to see their true colors;
responsible people don’t have time
for games;

they’re out busting their ass,
taking names, and working hard
without a care in the world
for who you are and what you do.

2018 Winter Issue of Come and Go Literary


The 2018 Winter Issue of Come and Go Literary is officially live! If you missed yesterday’s great news, now’s your chance to spend some time with some truly amazing writers who poured their hearts and souls into their work. I’ll never stop saying it was an honor to work with them. I can only hope you all show them some love and spread this journal far and wide. 


If you like what you see and you wish to submit your work for the 2019 Spring Issue of Come and Go Literary. See my submission guidelines for more details. You can also submit your work as a guest post on the blog as a more immediate option.


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  1. Taking risks is a wonderful part of the games you describe. If you hadn’t take a chance on the other person, you would have missed the experience entirely. Yes, play the games, be positive and take some risks. Too much is missed if you don’t.

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    1. Even if they don’t work out, you can, at the very least, say you tried, and that makes all the difference.

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